The Auto Insurance You Need For When You'Re Not Driving

20 April 2023
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When people think about auto insurance, they typically picture the types of incidents that happen when you are driving. This includes accidents where the other person is at fault for hitting your vehicle or accidents that you cause where you damage property and injure others. However, there are types of coverage that you'll need when you are not driving.

Comprehensive Coverage

The purpose of comprehensive coverage is to protect your car in situations that are not caused by a typical auto accident. This includes things like if your car is stolen, and then you either have to pay for the damage to the car once recovered or purchase a whole new vehicle. 

Other incidents include vandalism where someone purposely damages your vehicle, such as smashing windows, slashing tires, and denting your vehicle. Weather-related damage, such as a hail storm that damages the vehicle's body, or flooding where water gets inside your vehicle. You'll also have protection related to fires, which includes if your car is in your garage and you have a house fire. 

Insured Drivers

Your insurance agent is going to ask you who will be driving your vehicle. This is not just a question they are asking out of curiosity, but to ensure that they have coverage as well. Anyone that drives your vehicle and is an insured driver is going to have the same type of coverage that you have. If they are not an insured driver on your policy, then they may have a different level of auto coverage that doesn't pay for everything.

Make sure that you understand how those drivers not listed will change your insurance coverage if they get into an accident. It may cause you to think twice about having someone else borrow your vehicle if the policy doesn't provide coverage. 

For example, sometimes the coverage will be given to another driver as long as you explicitly give them permission to drive your vehicle. If someone steals your vehicle and gets into an accident while driving, they would not have had the permission needed to give them coverage. Instead, that's where comprehensive coverage comes in to pay for the damage that was caused while the vehicle was stolen. 

With so many variables involved with auto insurance, you'll definitely want to contact an auto insurance agent if you have coverage questions. They'll help give you peace of mind that you're covered in all situations.