Just Have A House Fire? Tips For Using Your Property Coverage

23 January 2017
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

A house fire can be absolutely devastating to a family, especially when a home burns down to the ground and there is nothing salvageable from the home. Property coverage is designed to help you get back the items that you lost in the fire, or at the very least, the value of what they were worth. Here are some tips for using your property coverage after a house fire.

Non-Total Loss Situation

If your home is still standing, it will make things much easier for making that property coverage claim. While the things in your home are damaged, everything is still there. This makes it easy to account for the damaged belongings in your home.

A common mistake made is trying to write down everything that was damaged in the home while you are at the home. You'll be writing quickly, your handwriting could get sloppy, and it will just slow down the entire process. Instead, use a digital camera to take photos of everything in the home that is damaged. If contractors are pulling items out of the house, just be sure to snap photos of each damaged item before it is thrown into the dumpster.

Using a digital camera not only makes it easier to sort it all out later when you are filling out the forms, but is proof that the item was in your home. It should help avoid any disputes if there are questions from your insurance company.

Total Loss Situation

The hardest part about having a home that burned down is remembering all the items inside that need replacement. You'll need to work with your family members to remember what belongings you had.

It is best to sit down together and try to think about each room. Start at one wall of the room, and work in a clockwise direction, trying to list as many things that you can remember. By working together, you can jog each other's memory about things that you may have forgotten about. Don't forget about what could be in drawers, closets, and tucked away. If you do not write the item down as a lost item on your personal property, you will not get reimbursed for it from your insurance provider.

For more tips, speak with a local insurance agent, such as those found at Knepper Insurance Group. They can guide you through the process and help ensure that everything you lost gets covered by your property coverage insurance policy.