What Your Homeowner's Insurance May Or May Not Cover When It Comes To Your Pets

23 September 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If you own a home, mobile home, or even an apartment, then you probably have some kind of homeowner's insurance. This insurance not only covers damage to your home, but also covers your liability in case someone from outside the household is injured while visiting. One facet of most homeowner's policy has to do with animals. Depending on your policy, damage and injuries caused by animals is probably mentioned at least once. Here are some ways in which you may or may not be covered when it comes to animals.

Types of animals covered:

Dogs are what most people think of when it comes to this insurance, but you may be covered for other animals as long as they're just pets or hobby animals. So, your pet cat, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pig, horse and goat may all fall under your coverage. Be sure to inform and inquire of your insurer about these animals before assuming you are covered. If you are running a ranch or business for profit, then you will need to purchase farm insurance. Exotic pets, such as tame wild animals, are usually not included.

Coverage for other people's injuries:

Your insurance company will likely cover injuries caused by your pet as long as that person is lawfully on your property. It doesn't matter if the injury was from the animal being aggressive or playful. However, your insurance may not cover injuries caused by the person's own negligence. For example, if you told the person to stay out of a yard with a dog in it, and that person goes in, anyway, then your insurance may not cover any injuries and the injured party would likely be considered at fault for his or her own injuries.

Property damage:

Your insurance may also cover any damage your pet does to other people's property. So, if your dog chews up your friend's shoes or your donkey breaks down your neighbor's fence, then you may be covered as long as the animal is considered a pet. Another example is if your dog runs out in the street, gets hit by a car and causes damage to that car, then you may also be covered. However, if your pet damages your own property, then you would not be covered.

Your homeowner's policy may cover some things when it comes to pets, but don't assume that all your animals may be covered. If you think you need more insurance, or want a certain type of insurance to cover any animals that aren't listed in your policy, then talk to an agent, like one from Keyes Insurance Services Inc, about adding these provisions to your policy.