4 Important Tips For First-Time Buyers To Consider About Homeowners Insurance

17 August 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Buying your first home is exciting, but you don't want to forget about all the expenses that come with it. Most likely, the amount you are spending on your living situation is going to increase when you buy a home for the first time, so it's important to keep all expenses in mind, including homeowners insurance. You are going to want homeowners insurance to protect you financially in the case of an emergency and it's probably even going to be required for you to have by your lender. Here are four important things to consider about holding a homeowners insurance policy:

  1. Your Credit Matters: Most likely, you have improved your credit at least slightly before you bought a home. However, if your credit is still not where it should be, then you should still continue on improving it even after your home purchase. This is because homeowners insurance companies look at credit to help determine rates and those with lower scores will have higher rates because they are more risky for insurance companies to insure. 
  2. You Need Complete Coverage: When you purchase your homeowners insurance policy, you need to be sure that you are completely covered. Don't just choose liability coverage and opt out of everything else because it is cheaper. Without full coverage, you can lose your home completely because of a fire or other damage, which leaves you out of a home and the investment that you have put into it. So it's important that you purchase a home that you are able to afford full coverage on.
  3. Look for Risks:  When you purchase your first home and expenses are likely of a higher concern for you, you want to ensure that you are not purchasing a home that comes with high risks. This is why a home inspection is so important. When risks are found that indicate you are going to have to make repairs upon moving in, you should either ask for a decrease on the price of the home or you should skip on the purchase of the home altogether. 
  4. Get Inflation Guarantee: The rates for homeowners insurance are always changing. These changes will apply to you as well unless you purchase from an insurance company that offers an inflation guarantee. An inflation guarantee ensures your rate will stay the same at all times. Only opt for this option, however, if you are satisfied with your current rate. 

When you consider these four important tips, you can be sure that you are prepared for paying your homeowners insurance when you purchase your first home. Click this link to learn more.