Older Drivers And Their Insurance Rates

2 May 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

As you age, you need to alter some things in your life. One of these adjustments concerns your vehicle insurance. As a "mature" driver, you might be paying much more for your yearly car insurance than you need to be. If you are over 50, you should be able to lower your premiums by taking several simple steps. 


As a mature driver, chances are that you do not need a large or expensive car. Your carpooling days are behind you, and you may be less interested in impressing anyone with your vehicle, particularly if you are out of the workforce. If you buy a less expensive vehicle, your insurance rates should drop. You may even save money on your gasoline purchases. Smaller and cheaper is the way to go with your vehicles. 

Driving Course

Many people never take another driving course after driver's education in high school. If you are a senior driver, your chances of being in an accident are higher than other age groups, in part due to the physical challenges of aging. Fortunately, groups such as AARP offer driving courses for mature drivers that review traffic laws and help you adjust to your driving limitations. Many insurance companies will lower your premiums once you provide proof that you have completed such a course. 

Distance Discounts

Many older drivers actually do not travel far. Often, they drive to the doctor, the store, and friends' houses but do not take long trips. Many no longer work out of the home, so they do not commute. If you haven't really looked at your auto coverage in recent years, you may be overpaying for the number of miles you drive. You need to check with your insurance agent to make certain that you are not "over-covered" when it comes to mileage and other issues. Of course, if you hit the road to see the country when you retired, you may need to beef up your insurance. Some seniors drive more than they did when they were tied to a desk. 

As an older driver, you don't have tp just accept that your insurance rates are higher than they were. In fact, you can take some common-sense steps to reduce your premiums while keeping yourself properly covered. Consult with your insurance agent from a company like Insure With U.S. to make certain that you are taking advantage of all the discounts available to you. Never pay for more insurance than is necessary.