3 Tips For Buying Commercial Insurance

22 February 2016
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

As a small business owner, you have many responsibilities, including making decisions about commercial insurance. The wrong decisions when selecting coverage could prove to be costly. To ensure that your business has the right coverage, here is what you need to know. 

Know Your Risks

Before you begin the search for commercial insurance, it is a good idea to know your own risk factors. Risk factors play a large role in whether or not an insurance company is willing to provide coverage to your business and if so, how much your premium will be. 

You cannot know every risk factor that an insurance considers, but you do know your business. Assess your business, the building, and the neighborhood to determine if there are any risk factors that could influence your coverage. 

For instance, if your business is located in a high crime area, your premium could be higher. However, you can potentially counter this by installing security cameras and additional locks. 

Determine What Coverage You Need

When you start shopping for insurance, you will notice that there are different types of coverage available. You do not need all of those. You only need those which fits your particular business needs. By determining what you need, you can narrow your search for coverage to those areas. 

One of the first places you can start in determining the level of coverage needed is to contact your state's licensing agency. Find out what is minimally required and build your coverage from there. 

For instance, if you have employees, chances are you will need employer insurance to cover any accidents that results in injuries to employees. If you are unsure what kind of coverage is needed, consult with an insurance broker. 

Consider a Bundle Package

Some business owners believe that buying separate policies for various aspects of their businesses, such as property and vehicles, can help save money. Unfortunately, this is not always true. 

In some instances, it is best to buy a bundled package, or business owner's policy. The policy takes into account every need that your business has for coverage. You can tweak the policy to make changes, if necessary. 

Work with an insurance agent experienced in handling commercial insurance to ensure that all of your needs are met, such as one from Affordable Insurance. The agent can provide you with invaluable tips on saving money and also help you determine what risk factors you can reduce to get a lower premium when it is time to renew.