These Simple Strategies Will Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill

21 December 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Staying out of accidents and parking your vehicle in a secure area to avoid break-ins are two common ways that you can keep your auto insurance bill low, but there are a number of other methods you can use to save money every month. Some simple changes to your driving routine or even your insurance policy itself require little effort and can translate into more money in your bank account. Give a quick phone call to your insurance provider and discuss these three methods of saving money. By the end of the call, it's likely that you'll have easily lowered your monthly insurance bill.

Use Your Vehicle Less

On the surface, using your vehicle less might seem a little inconvenient, but it can be a worthwhile way to save money. Ask your insurance agent about low-mileage discounts; less time spent on the road each month means less risk of being in an accident, which is something the insurance company will look upon favorably. Whether you find a different way to commute to work or you're just committed to staying under a specific mileage range each month, insurance companies can often provide discounts for drivers who are willing to leave their car at home and find different methods of getting around town.

Pay Up Front

Paying your auto insurance bill monthly can be convenient -- the small withdrawal from your account isn't enough to significantly impact your budget for that month. This method of payment, however, isn't the most cost-effective. Call your insurance provider and ask about switching your payment schedule so you're paying just once per year. Sure, this means that you'll have to be smart about your money to ensure that you have enough at the time of the payment, but this simple change on how you pay for your insurance can translate into saving more than $100 over paying each month.

Augment Your Driving Skill

Even if you believe that you're a competent driver, there's never anything wrong with taking a course to expand your skill. Beyond helping you feel more confident behind the wheel, automotive education can translate into a lower insurance rate. Find a defensive driving course offered locally and sign up. It's a minimal investment of your time and upon completing the course, you'll be able to provide proof of your accomplishment to your insurance company and ask for your rate to be bumped down. After all, better drivers are less likely to be in accidents. 

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