Going On A Road Trip? Consider These Optional Insurance Coverages

30 October 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Whether you are planning a road trip to get from point A to point B, or the trip is the vacation in and of itself, you want to make sure you have the right kind of insurance coverage. Purchasing the right options can help you save money and hassles if something does go wrong when you are far from home. The following are a few of the optional services you should consider adding before you hit the road.

#1: Consider Comprehensive

Comprehensive coverage covers the actual value of your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident or by natural causes. It also covers you in the event of theft. This coverage can help replace your car if it is involved with a major accident at highway speeds, or if a tornado strikes while you are traveling through the midwest.

#2: Extended Driver Coverage

This is a must if more than one driver will be taking the wheel during the road trip. While all members of a household, such as spouses, are typically included on an insurance policy, drivers from outside the household may not be covered. This means you need to call your agent and verify coverage or add optional coverage if you are roadtripping with a close friend or non-household family member.

#3: Roadside Assistance Plans

You can usually add roadside assistance onto your current policy for a minimal charge. This means that, wherever you are in the country, you can have a tire changed, a jumpstart, gas brought to you, or a tow to a local repair shop. Your insurance company provides you with a toll-free number to call for service, which means you won't have to find a local tow company. Many assistance plans also scout out the best mechanics in the area so they can refer you to the best option if you do need a repair during your trip.

#4: Rental Car Coverage

You don't want to be stranded far from home if you do break down or have an accident. You can add rental car coverage onto your policy for a low fee, too. Talk with your agent to make sure the coverage will work for a road trip. Some coverages only allow you to put a certain amount of miles on the rental car a day, while other types will allow you to finish your trip with the rental, and then you can pick up your repaired car on the trip back.

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