Going Boating? 3 Strategies For Keeping Your Passengers Safe

28 September 2015
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Each year, thousands of boating accidents occur on America's waterways, resulting in hundreds of injuries and multiple deaths. Some of the most common accidents involving boats include man overboard, capsizing and collision with an object. As with most accidents, boating injuries are almost entirely preventable if you follow safety rules and do all you can to keep your passengers safe. In addition to following right-of-way regulations, you should adopt the following strategies for accident and injury prevention. 

Prevent Fall Injuries

Falls are among the most common accidents that can occur on a boat. Not only can falls cause broken limbs and other types of impact injuries, they can also result in a man overboard situation. Man overboard situations are extremely dangerous, because they are more likely to result in death than other types of boating accidents. In fact, a death occurred in a little over 40 percent of all falls overboard reported in 2008. To keep everyone safe and on your boat, require that they remain seated at all times when the boat is moving. Also, alert your passengers when you're going to turn or if there are choppy waters ahead. Many passengers are thrown from a boat or trip and fall when it changes direction or is jostled unexpectedly. Make sure your passengers are prepared and braced for any abrupt changes in motion or roughness of the water. 

Keep Your Boat Right-Side Up

Capsizing usually occurs when the boat is driven or positioned in such a way that allows large waves or swells to hit the side or stern of the boat. Since boats are designed to take on waves from the bow or front of the boat, it's important to keep the boat in a position where the boat is always faced toward large swells and waves. You should always anchor your boat from the front, not the rear or side of the boat. Also, make sure that boat is handled by someone who is skilled and alert. You should never drink and operate a boat, as drinking can impair your judgment and your ability to maneuver your vessel. 

Steer Clear of Obstacles

Collision accidents involving another boat or an object, such as a log, are among the most common types of accidents on the water. To avoid a collision, be sure to keep a watchful eye out for other boats and objects in the water. You should also follow all right-of-way laws. Never allow yourself to become distracted while operating your boat.

Whenever you take people out on your boat, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Always keep the safety of your passengers on the forefront of your mind and do all you can to avoid an accident. 

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