Three Easy Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rate

17 September 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When some people think about lowering the rate that they pay for auto insurance, their first thought is to shop around, get quotes from various companies, and find one that is lower than what they're currently paying. While this strategy can be effective, there's little reason to switch from your current provider if you're happy with its level of service. You can lower your auto insurance without switching companies in a number of ways, including getting an anti-theft system installed in your vehicle and using public transportation to commute to work. Though effective, these two strategies require an upfront cost and a disruption to your lifestyle, respectively. If you're looking easier ways to lower your auto insurance rate, these strategies are as simple as a phone call to your insurance agent.

Change Your Payment Schedule

It's common for many people to pay their auto insurance on a monthly basis, but switching your payment schedule to one annual lump sum will save you money. Talk to your agent about the cost-saving benefits of making this simple change. While this strategy requires that you have some extra money in your account at the start of the year, it can save you money in the long run and also help you avoid having to handle a dozen bills over the course of the year.

Drop Some Forms of Coverage

When you drive an old vehicle that has a low worth, it can save you money to get rid of certain types of coverage. Do some research or talk to your insurance agent to determine the rough value of your vehicle; this is the money that you'd get from the insurance company if you were in a major accident. Then, compare this amount to your deductible. If the numbers are close, there's little point in keeping your collision coverage, as you'd be paying out about the same amount as you'd get back from the insurance company if your car got totaled. Talk to the agent about the rate reduction you'd experience by removing this type of coverage.

Bundle Other Policies

Moving your other insurance policies, such as home insurance or life insurance, onto your auto insurance policy is a quick, easy way to save money—and reduce the number of bills you have to process each month. Talk to your agent about how much money you'd save by bundling your policies and even your spouse's policies together; putting your home and auto insurance on the same policy has the potential of saving you between 3 percent and 22 percent.

If you are currently searching for auto insurance, contact a company like United Security Agency and discuss these options with them, as well.