High Risk Job? Get The Right Insurance For You And Your Family

16 July 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If you work a high risk job and you sometimes wonder about what would happen if you got hurt or if you died, you need to sit down with an insurance agent. If you worry about how your family would support itself or what you would do about money, you need to have a backup plan.

There are many things you'll want to consider when it comes to insurance and your high risk occupation. Talk with an insurance agent about the following things.

Unemployment Insurance

If you were to get hurt tomorrow and you weren't able to work for a few months because of the injury, would your job give you compensation or injury pay? If not, you need to have unemployment insurance. This type of insurance will replace your income, or the amount that you put in the policy, until you are able to get out there and your job again.

Medical Insurance

Do you have a medical insurance policy through your employer but it isn't the best coverage? You may want to carry a second medical insurance policy. Not only are you going to save money on different tests and routine health visits, but you'll have another coverage option to carry the burdens if you have a severe injury or you need surgery. Paying a fee every month now could save you thousands if something happens later on.

Casualty Insurance

Do you fear that you could get killed on the job? This could happen even if you don't work in a high risk environment but if you are just driving down the road. You will want to have a casualty insurance package so your family has money to take care of all your final expenses, and so you are able to support them long after you're gone. Your agent can help you decide what amount of coverage you need based on your current wage and lifestyle.

You don't want to be unprepared if something happens and end up going into debt or leaving your family behind with a large amount of debt. Talk with an insurance expert about your high risk job to see what you can do to get these different types of coverage. It may be more difficult to get you insured because you work a high risk job or if you already have an existing health condition. Shop around and compare rates to get the lowest price on your policy. To get started, contact a company like Donaghy Kempton Insurors.