Reducing Homeowners Insurance Costs For Dog Owners

18 May 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If you aspire to own a dog, then you should be prepared for a hike in your homeowners insurance. Some insurance companies may even refuse to sell you coverage, especially if your pet of choice belongs to a breed blacklisted by some insurers. Nevertheless, this shouldn't stop you from bringing your beloved pet home.

Rather, you should take the necessary precautions to limit the effect of the dog on you home insurance rates:

Understand the Blacklisted Breeds

If you haven't settled on a dog breed yet, then the first step is to understand the breeds blacklisted by your carrier. The usual suspects include Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, and Rottweilers, but there are many others that you should confirm with your insurance agent.

If your heart isn't set for a particular breed, then you can play it safe and then get one of the agreeable breeds. Even your insurance carrier may also help you with specific tips that you can use to keep your premiums low.

Train Your Dog

Whether or not you have a "safe" dog breed, it pays to have it trained. Obedience training, which includes responding to commands, socialization and staying within confined areas helps make your dog safe. One benefit of training is that it reduces the risk of attack and hence limits the number of dog-related claims you are liable to make.

Don't forget that the more claims you make, the more likely that your rates will hike. Apart from that, the insurance company is also likely to treat you more kindly if you have a well-trained dog.

Take Care of Your Pets Health

Healthy animals are less aggressive than sick ones. Imagine a sick dog being approached or getting petted by a stranger, the dog can easily claw or bite the stranger when the petting heightens its sense of discomfort.

Therefore, one way of reducing your dog's propensity for attacking others is to keep it healthy. This includes providing it with the right food, watching out for its hygiene, vaccinating it and taking it to the vet when it is sick. Spraying with hormones or neutering may also help to keep the dog calm.

Coordinate with your insurance agent to minimize the effect of your pet ownership on your insurance rates. If an attack does occur, then you should help the victim get medical help as soon as possible. Apart from mitigating the victim's injury, this will also help to minimize the potential damages.