5 Things That Can Raise Your Car Insurance Rates

25 January 2015
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Opening up your car insurance bill and seeing a higher rate can really put a damper on your day. Higher car insurance rates can definitely affect your monthly budget. It is very important to be aware of what can cause your rates to spike. Here are five things that can raise your car insurance rates.

Low Credit Score

It turns out that a low credit score does not just hinder you from qualifying for loans; it can also raise your car insurance rates. Many car insurance companies believe that individuals with low credit scores will be less likely to pay their car insurance bills on time. Maintain a decent credit score by always paying your bills on time and making more than the minimum payment.

Longer Commute

Did you recently get offered a job position that requires a longer commute? If the answer is yes, expect your car insurance rates to go up. The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into an accident on the road. Before you accept that new position, determine if you can afford the higher car insurance rates or not.

Flashy Car

That red sports car might impress all of your friends, but it can raise your car insurance premiums. Flashy cars are more likely to be stolen, so insurance companies charge more to insure them. If you want to avoid high car insurance premiums, choose a practical vehicle like a mini-van.

Parking Car on Street

Where you park your car can actually affect your car insurance rates. If you park your vehicle in the street, it is more likely to get stolen, so you might be charged higher car insurance premiums. If you have a garage, always park your car in there.

Your Profession

People with certain professions get charged higher car insurance premiums than others. If your job involves a lot of stress, you are more likely to get into an accident, so your insurance company may charge you higher rates. For example, doctors, salespeople and lawyers normally get charged higher car insurance premiums.

As you can see, there are several things that can raise your car insurance rates. If your car insurance premiums recently went up and you do not know why, make an appointment with your auto insurance agent, like Powell's Insurance/Jeff Bradshaw. They can explain why your car insurance rates went up and give you tips on how to lower it.