How To Cut Down On Car Insurance Premiums

3 December 2014
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

If you are looking for ways to cut back on your monthly expenses, one way could be to lower your car insurance premium. Check with your insurance agent, and see if doing any of the following 4 things will help reduce the amount you pay for car insurance.

Change Where You Park Your Car

Cars that are parked outside have a higher chance of being vandalized, hit by another car, or stolen. If you recently moved to a home that now has a garage, it is possible that your car insurance company will lower your deductible by keeping your car away from danger indoors.

Rent an apartment and park on the street? Check if there are nearby parking garages that have indoor parking spaces. The cost of upgrading your parking spot might by offset by the reduction in premiums that you will see. At the same time, an indoor parking spot will help protect your car from weather damage such as hail.

Eliminate Unnecessary Insurance Coverage

When a car is brand new, you want to preserve the way it looks so that it remains pristine for as long as possible. As the car gets older, maintaining the exterior look of the car might not be as important. If you are currently paying for collision coverage for auto body repairs on an older car, you should consider dropping it.

Having comprehensive insurance coverage becomes less important the older a car gets. As a car starts to show signs that it is on its last legs, you are going to be more concerned with major mechanical failure than the look of the car.

Inquire About Employee Or Student Discounts

Many people are actually eligible for car insurance discounts and do not even know it. Check with your agent about if the company you work for offers a discount to their employees, or if you see any savings from being an alumni of your former university.

There is never harm in asking if a discount exists, as the worst thing you can hear is that you do not qualify for any.

Inquire About Driving Behavior Discounts

Many insurance companies are now offering incentive programs for those that are good drivers. By allowing them to track how and where you drive, you can receive a discount for simply following the rules of the road. Just make sure to read the fine print, and make sure that you will not be penalized for bad driving behavior.

By taking advantage of these ways to reduce your car insurance premiums, you will see savings that will last many years to come. For more information, contact Village Insurance or a similar company.