4 Tips For Buying Commercial Trucking Insurance

2 September 2016
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When you're the owner-operator of a semi truck, commercial truck insurance can be a large monthly expense. It is important to find an insurance policy that protects you and your business financially, while also fitting within your operating budget. If you plan on purchasing a commercial trucking insurance policy in the near future, use the following tips. Choose the Right Deductible As an owner-operator of a semi-truck, it is important to select the right deductible amount when buying an insurance policy. Read More 

Tips For Preparing For Your First General Liability Insurance Audit

26 April 2016
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If you're a new business owner, understanding the fundamentals of general liability insurance is important. Your general liability policy will protect you from a host of different risks, including customer injuries and onsite accidents. In most cases, the policy premium is set according to estimated annual revenue figures or approximate total sales. At the end of the year, your insurance company will audit the policy to see if your sales estimates were accurate. Read More 

Tips For Affording Health Care Coverage

9 January 2015
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If you are like a lot of people, you dread spending money on health care costs because it always seems as though you do not have enough money, even if you have medical coverage. To help you afford your health care, you might want to take a moment to check out the following tips. Get Help With Insurance For The Kids Sure, you might not qualify for medical assistance through the state for yourself, but your kids might qualify. Read More